what's Escape the Room?

Exit Experience - the first Escape the Room Game in Mainz
exit experience - the first Escape the Room Game in Mainz

Escape the Room Games are known under many names - New Escape Games, Escape Games, Exit Game, Exit the Room, Roomescape, Live Escape Game or simply Exit. One thing is certain - the Games are an extraordinary experience for young and old, private players and companies. The experience brings people together and reveals new traits in people.

The goal is to leave a room or place you are trapped in. This includes the combining of mechanisms and objects in order to get new information and clues. Often the leads must be properly interpreted or puzzles solved in order to get codes, passwords and new evidence.

The Escape the Room Game has its beginnings in the virtual online world, as a browser game. Fans and players recognized the infinite potential and transferred the concept to the physical world. It can be assumed that the first Escape the Room Games were developed in Japan. After a rapid globalization of the game, the concept was manifested for the first time in Germany in 2013.

exit experience was launched in 2015 as the first Exit the Room Game in the capital city of the Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz.

Many of our guests come from Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, in order to enjoy our events. The reason we chose not to call ourselves Live Escape Room Game Mainz or Live Escape Room Game Wiesbaden, is because we want people to "exit" the ordinary and experience a new dimension of entertainment. Our company plans and executes amazing events and experiences for young and old, private people and firms.
It's an interactive experience, in which you and your team of up to 6 people are locked up in a room and have to escape within 60 minutes, before the time runs out.

 Time is your enemy.

You and your team can expect exciting stories and rooms with many secrets that need to be solved. With intelligence, skill and teamwork, you try to decipher the clues and solve challenging puzzles. Find the last key in the last vault before the very last adrenaline-charged and nerve-wracking minute runs out, in order
to unlock the exit door. Are you ready for the challenge? Escape the Room!


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