Live Escape Room Game for Wiesbaden

We've had so many customers coming from Wiesbaden since our opening, that we'd love to use this opportunity to send out a great big THANK YOU! It's awesome that you guys made your way to our recreational island and we're looking forward to see you, your family & friends as our guests again!

All of our games are available in English!

Welcome to exit experience!

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what is the exit experience?

exit experience is the first Escape the Room Game in Mainz.

It's an interactive experience, in which you and your team of up to 6 people
are locked up in a room and have to escape within 60 minutes, before the time runs out.

 Time is your enemy.

You and your team can expect exciting stories and rooms with many secrets that need to be solved. With intelligence, skill and teamwork, you try to decipher the clues and solve challenging puzzles. Find the last key in the last vault before the very last adrenaline-charged and nerve-wracking minute runs out, in order
to unlock the exit door. Are you ready for the challenge?



exit experience, the Escape the Room Game in Mainz is perfect for:

Exit Experience - the first Escape the Room Game in Mainz
exit experience - unleash the adventure
  • Bachelor parties
  • Hobby detectives
  • Couples
  • Family trips
  • First Dates
  • Birthday parties
  • School trips
  • Adventurers and explorers
  • Evening programs
  • Escape the Room fans

exit experience, perfect for companies looking for special activities:

Exit Experience - das erste Escape the Room Game in Mainz
exit experience - playfully clever corporate events
  • Corporate/ company trips
  • Teambuilding events
  • Corporate / company parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Assessment Center
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Recruiting events
  • Incentives
  • Employee gifts
  • As part of an event
  • Entertainment

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Our Escape Rooms in Mainz


Exit Experience - the first Escape the Room Game in Mainz
exit experience - the SHERLOCK

It's 1895 AD, Sherlock Holmes has disappeared without a trace during the greatest case of his career, trying to uncover a conspiracy regarding a secret department of the Scotland Yard.

Dr. Watson hired you as the last hope in solving the mystery of his disappearance before he was forcefully locked behind bars by the Scotland Yard. You were unknowingly drawn into a dangerous affair that could mean your certain doom. The clues led you back to Holmes' secret hiding place, however, the building was surrounded by elite units of the Scotland Yard, now you have only 60 minutes to get away and uncover the truth!


It is the year 2783 AD. A devastating war has brought civilization to an end. Very few privileged people survived the colossal impact of the destruction in secure, underground nuclear bunkers called Vaults. The Vaults were a technological marvel, where several generations peacefully survived over decades, they even forgot that there was an outside world that could mean a new start for civilization. The life support mechanisms of the Vault - oxygen, rations and medicine - have run out and you have only 60 minutes to reach the


Exit Experience - the first Live Escape Game in Mainz
exit experience - the WONKA

The Candy-Createur and crazy inventor of fabulous sweets, Wonka, has spread golden tickets to a special event in his new factory throughout the world. The legendary Wonka is searching for successors, who have the potential to successfully take over his candy empire. As the lucky finders of the golden tickets, you have the unique opportunity to take over the Wonka empire - which won't be easy, since the real adventure is about to begin. Wonka has come up with countless riddles, mysterious traps and tricky puzzles, to bring you to the limits of your abilities. Defeat his trial room in 60 minutes and conquer the legacy!